Block Bottom P&S 1

Smart, roomy with Block-Bottom and Peel&Seal closure. Expands after what you put in to it. Excellent for brochures and textiles.
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Duo Frame Kit

The Duo Frame Kit is a simple solution to rough handling with cost saving advantages.
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Security Label

This is the instant stick on security seal that tells you if someone has tampered with your package.
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Security Tape

If you want to reassure recipients that their package hasn’t been opened, seal it with Security.
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Self-adhesive Corri Roll

Adapts to any size or shape of object, simply and easily.
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Small Packs

Our Small Packs come in clear plastic boxes that sit neatly
under the counter. Even at the busiest times of the day,
they're easy to use because you can see exactly what's
inside each box.

No matter what you buy, a smart looking bag adds
value. Gifts, keepsakes, and impulse purchases look
even more desirable in a beautiful Bottle Bag.
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Tray Kit

Clever and efficient in packaging.
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AirPro Bubble Bag

Air is protective and weightless. Peel&Seal closure and with tear-strip opening keeps the products safe. It´s a superb all-round product.
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Archive and transport containers

Archive boxes strong and long-lasting for storage purposes.

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Archiving boxes

Just have a storage box for every document in the business.
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