Products to pack:


AirPro Bubble Bag

Air is protective and weightless. Peel&Seal closure and with tear-strip opening keeps the products safe. It´s a superb all-round product.
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Binder Wrap

This is the book wrap for ring binders and lever arch files – or for any bulky object with odd shape.
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Block Bottom P&S 1

Smart, roomy with Block-Bottom and Peel&Seal closure. Expands after what you put in to it. Excellent for brochures and textiles.
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Board Back

The Board Back tells everyone to treat your mail with care. This is the mailer for certificates and others as must arrive flat.
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Board Pocket

The Board Pocket exudes elegance, stylishness and professionalism. Peel&Seal closure and the board gives it strength.
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Book Box

The Book Box is the smartest way to mail out books. It´s strong protective and roomy. Closing with an interlocking lip.
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Book Wrap

All rounder for any chunky item, not just for books.
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Box P&S

Most effective in handling. For details…
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Brief Box

The Brief Box is reassuringly strong and roomy. It looks good and it expands to take the goods or documents.
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Clear Pocket

If the material you want to mail speaks for itself, then mail it is a clear pocket.

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Andra Bongsidor