Products to pack:


AirPro Bubble Bag

Air is protective and weightless. Peel&Seal closure and with tear-strip opening keeps the products safe. It´s a superb all-round product.
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Book Box

The Book Box is the smartest way to mail out books. It´s strong protective and roomy. Closing with an interlocking lip.
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Brief Box

The Brief Box is reassuringly strong and roomy. It looks good and it expands to take the goods or documents.
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CD Wallet

This is digital packaging at its simplest and most effective.
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CD Wrap

No more cracked cases, this mailer keeps’ everything in its place.
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Crepe Mat

Accessories any gift with our ribbons available in a variety of colors and qualities.
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Disk Mailer

The Disk Mailer is neat, fast, and super-efficient. For details…
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Flat handle

Basic and simple, you can always thrust these bags to do the job.
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Foam Bag

Protects your products and components from start to finish. How much pressure you apply, foam always bounces back.
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Foil bag

Make the smallest of gifts stand out in one of our glitzy foil bags.
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Andra Bongsidor