Bottle bag

The simplest way to present a bottle is in a Bottle Bag. The bottle slips straight in, it looks great, and it stands upright on its flat base. Suddenly an ordinary bottle of wine, oil, sauce, or other culinary treat becomes a gift.


Ideas and inspiration

  • every customer feels valued
  • for any standard wine-sized bottle from olive oil to balsamic vinegar
  • transparent retail storage / dispensing box for speed and efficiency
  • 3 smart colours in one standard size
  • …and 3 eye-catching designs
  • …part of a unified retailing packaging concept
  • create your own branded bag in bespoke sizes, colours, or patterns

black baroque
purple curly
silver flower
silver stripe
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Produkt alternativ

Artikel nr. Namn External SizeColourMaterialSelling unit
14862 Bottle Bag Aubergine 100 x 80 x 410aubergineMatt Coated5 x 50
14861 Bottle Bag Avocado 100 x 80 x 410avocadoMatt Coated4 x 50
14865 Bottle Bag Black Baroque 100 x 80 x 410black baroqueMatt Coated4 x 50
14860 Bottle Bag Bordeaux 100 x 80 x 410bordeauxMatt Coated4 x 50
66971 Bottle Bag Purple Curly 100 x 80 x 410purple curlyMatt Coated4 x 50
14863 Bottle Bag Silver Flower 100 x 80 x 410silver flowerMatt Coated4 x 50
14864 Bottle Bag Silver Stripe 100 x 80 x 410silver stripeMatt Coated4 x 50

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