Block Bottom P&S 1

What can't you put in the Block-Bottom P&S? It's smart, roomy, and businesslike, and it expands to take bundles of documents, magazines, and brochures. You can even fill it with lightweight parts. As good for storage as it is for mailing.


Ideas and inspiration

  • sturdy mailer with easy Peel & Seal closure
  • wide range of sizes in 3 standard colours
  • use for reports, proposals, contracts, or data files
  • …and for brochures, magazines and textiles
  • excellent mailer for online retailing and e-commerce
  • customise with your own logo or in a bespoke size

Beställ prov / offert
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Produkt alternativ

Artikel nr. Namn External SizeColourMaterialSelling unitSealingWindow
11823 B4 250 x 353 x 40whiteKraft Paper250Peel & Seal
11826 B4+ 250 x 425 x 50whiteKraft Paper250Peel & Seal
11814 D16 125 x 290 x 40whiteKraft Paper250Peel & Seal
11816 D17 135 x 350 x 50whiteKraft Paper250Peel & Seal
11822 D21 230 x 400 x 50whiteKraft Paper250Peel & Seal

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